A consultation is usually required to see the scar tissue in person prior to the scheduled procedure.  This is a good time to discuss colour preference and any other questions and concerns you may have.


When you arrive, we will carefully select your desired pigment tone, colour and size.   We work together to perfect the markings for right placement before the pigment application begins.


You will be given verbal and written aftercare instructions following the completion of your procedure.  Careful attention to post-care will ensure the best possible outcome of your newly applied tattoo.

Return Home

If you are travelling from out of town you may drive home the same day of your procedure if you are feeling well enough to travel safely.


We take pride in practicing a meticulous standard of cleanliness taking special care in this delicate work.  The highest quality pigments are used to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and to ensure that the lasting effects keep true to their colour.  It is important to follow the aftercare instructions carefully.